Solar PV Fault Resolution

Solar power Fault Diagnosis - We repair & maintain solar PV systems, fast service, minimum fuss.

Having a problem with your solar panels or solar PV system can be a nightmare if you have become accustomed to the benefits of owning a renewable power source. We understand the importance of returning your solar solution back to perfect working order in a timely fashion by one of our  local solar PV repair engineers. 

  • Solar Inverter Replacement
  • Domestic and Commercial, UK wide
  • Grid Tie, Off Grid & Hybrid
  • Inverter errors diagnosed & Resolved
  • Commercial Solar System Repair
  • Industrial Solar Repairs
  • Off Grid Repairs & Servicing
  • Cloud & Monitoring faults investigated
  • We have experts in many brands and offer Solaredge, Fronius, Solis, Aurora Inverter repairs just to name a few
  • CALL NOW ON 0330 345 3400
Commercial inverter fitting service
Domestic inverter fitting service without cloud connection
large commercial solar array

Local Solar PV Repair

Our engineering staff are never more than an hour away and can have you back up and running in no time

If you find yourself generating little or no power, then our first piece of advice would be to follow the troubleshooting guide

If that has not resolved your solar power issues then we can help you, record any of the troubleshooting you have done, including any error codes from all equipment.

Give us a call, we will take your details, arrange an engineer, and aim to resolve your solar problem as soon as possible.

Photos are always an effective way to show us your problem too.

Call Bolido Solar on 0330 345 3400 or use the inquiry form and we will call you back

Repairs & Maintenance

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Tim Foreman
Tim Foreman
4 weeks ago
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Scott designed and carried out a PV cell installation recently. The quote was competitive and the correspondence quick and concise. The fitting was arranged within a week, once the specification was agreed. On site, assisted by Mike, they were helpful and friendly and despite a difficult routing for the cable they came up with a successful solution. The end result is a very tidy, externally & internally, solar fit for the property. Great job and communication throughout, overall I'm very satisfied with their service and would recommend them.
Elspeth Robinson
Elspeth Robinson
3 weeks ago
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Thank you for your outstanding service we received with regards to our solar panels which needed a new inverter. In next to no time, the problem was identified, a replacement ordered, delivered and fitted and the solar panels immediately started to record our readings. I have 100% confidence in recommending Bolido!
Greg Bertrum
Greg Bertrum
2 weeks ago
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Very refreshing to get such a thorough and decent service. My company, a solar installations company needed technical assistance on-site for two projects. We also needed help with some of our own IT systems particularly with providing secure internet and network access between us and our clients, primarily for sharing power generation data but also increasingly alongside power usage data. Scott and his team were great with our clients and we just left to it. They were also quick to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve. They carried out all of the work, quickly, cleanly and with the minimum of fuss. We are now in a great position network and IT wise, moving forward we are confident in being able to service bigger clients with however sophisticated a network solution they might require. Highly recommend this company.
Little Miss Psycho
Little Miss Psycho
1 week ago
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Fantastic and thorough service from these guys following birds nesting and ruining the connections on our solar installation. Great communications throughout, and friendly professional service.