Sunny Tripower 3 phase inverter 8-10kW

Great option for PV systems in private households and small commercial applications


Weight 20.5 kg
Dimensions 176 × 497 × 460 mm
AC Presentation

3 phase

Warranty length

5 Years

Power Rating

10kW, 8kW

Sunny Tripower 3 phase inverter 8-10kW

The Sunny Tripower makes PV systems in private households and small commercial applications especially powerful as it combines top inverter performance with maximum ease and comfort for its users. With integrated services and shade solutions, it can meet any challenge found on roof and reliably ensures maximum solar yields and reduces electricity costs. With its reduced weight, these inverters can be installed quickly while taking up minimal space and can be commissioned quickly via smartphone or tablet.

  • Available in 8kW & 10kW models
  • One-person installation due to low weight of 20.5 kg
  • Compact design means minimum space requirements
  • Intuitive commissioning and monitoring via a smartphone or tablet

Established product features and integrated software solutions will provide yield optimization throughout the systems entire service life. Even in shading. ShadeFix is a proprietary inverter software that optimizes energy yield in nearly every situation. SMA Smart Connected inverter monitoring offers enhanced safety by detecting errors at an early stage and automatically reporting them to the installer.

  • SMA ShadeFix is an integrated software for yield optimization
  • Dynamic active power limitation means direct use of excess energy and less power from the grid
  • Automatic inverter monitoring via SMA Smart Connected
  • System data visualization via Sunny Portal and Sunny Places
  • Local visualization via Smart Inverter Screen

With the Sunny Tripower, PV system operators and installers are always up to date because of its online monitoring capabilities. Intelligent energy management and SMA storage solutions can be added at any time. Other features include, automatic inverter updates & intelligent energy management and storage solutions that can be added anytime