Sunny Boy Inverter 1.5-2.5kW

Small scale solar power generation


Weight 55 kg
AC Presentation

Single phase

Connector Type


Power Rating

1.5kW, 2.5kW, 2kW

Warranty length

5 Years


Heavy Goods

Sunny Boy inverter, 1.5-2.5kW

The completely redesigned Sunny Boy is the perfect inverter for customers who want to take full advantage of their small solar system. It enables an increase in consumption of self-generated power and is very easy to integrate into the home network. In addition, its innovative design and new communication concept offer many advantages during installation and commissioning.

The innovative design of the Sunny Boy is not only easy to install, but also allows for quick DC and AC connections. For example, because it weighs just 9 kg, it can be suspended from just two screws, with no additional wall mounting bracket. Commissioning is equally easy, because the integrated user interface makes it possible to choose the necessary settings in next to no time without opening the cover.

  • 1.5kW, 2kW & 2.5kW versions available
  • Rapid commissioning with the intuitive Web UI
  • Easy installation thanks to a low weight of just 9 kg and an intelligent connection concept
  • Broad input voltage range of 80 to 600 V
  • Flexibility in choice of module

With its focus on what really matters, the SMA Sunny Boy also offers impressive communication features. The intuitive user interface makes it possible to monitor system data on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or traditional PC. This enables the user to choose between local and online monitoring via Sunny Places and Sunny Portal.

  • New communication concept thanks to Web UI
  • System data monitoring possible on all smartphones and tablets
  • Choose between local and online monitoring via Sunny Portal and Sunny Places
  • Factory-integrated Ethernet and WLAN interface
  • Professional Monitoring via Webconnect with the Sunny Portal Professional Package


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